Segrate, Idroscalo


L ‘ Idroscalo was inaugurated on 28 October 1930 , three years after the first announcement of the project by the Special Commissioner of the Provincial Deputation. It is for the airport seaplanes , although the activity is aviation arena after a few sporadic incidents.
The Idroscalo is a reservoir fed by water spring and those from Martesana .

It takes hold over time the spontaneous use dell’Idroscalo as a meeting place, and at the end of the thirties the pelvis becomes “The Milan sea” .

The thirties also established itself as an ideal venue for events sports of national importance, but not only.

Among the athletes who attend Idroscalo, the sportsmen , in particular, find themselves in this clean and shallow basin an ideal race course, so much so that in 1934 organizes the National Rowing Championships and the European Championships in 1938 and 2003, for the first time the World Championships.

Date back to 1938 the first steps on the green around the pond, then expanded with the largest reforestation carried out in the years 1957 and 1958. Born the park Idroscalo.

In 1960 the Idroscalo enter the collective imagination and in film history: along its banks, in fact, is the setting for the most famous sequence in the film “Rocco and His Brothers” , the masterpiece of the famous film director Luchino Visconti.

Since the nineties, the Idroscalo park is the consolidated summer meeting place in Milan and surroundings.

In 2008 marks the 70th anniversary of Idroscalo, now firmly established as a place of meeting , leisure activities andsports clubs , embellished and completed in the offer to the public from numerous international initiatives: sports, cultural, entertainment and spectacle.

2010, the new challenge: the Idroscalo is recognized by the institutions of the second site ‘ EXPO 2015 – after Rho Fair – and embarks on a path that is based on principles of sustainability, quality, safety, well-being.

It is not yet history, is the Idroscalo that we can live today!